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Well here are some exciting news I have for you all!!! We're pregnant with baby number 3! 

As you may know I have 2 boys, William, who's 4 and Wesley, who's 15 months. This pregnancy came a bit as a surprise, because I didn't think I'd get pregnant this soon after Wes. But we're so excited! I am hoping for a girl but early ultrasounds show what could be a boy! So when it comes to creating a registry (I know, I know, I start early for fun) I am adding both genders for now. If you're expecting, don't wait any longer to start your registry at Target! It's so much fun!

Target is an amazing (or the best!) place to start a baby registry because it's super convenient for shoppers. They can easily find a store close to them or buy online, and also, most Target shoppers have the Red card which gives you 5% off your entire purchase and free shipping!

I buy diapers and wipes every time, I get them shipped to my door for free and I save 5% as well! When I researched the most inexpensive place to get diapers and wipes, Target came on top.

So when I have to do a registry I don't hesitate but to do it at Target.

Question is... what to get for baby #3? It would seem that with 2 boys or two kids, or even more, we should have pretty much everything we need for the arrival of a little one. I mean, we learned the hard way what are must haves and which items we really don't need for our babies. We probably got a wipes warmer, did you use it? I have one! I like it but most times I end up changing my boy in different places and don't use the wipes warmer. A bottle warmer, for example, I breastfed and hardly used bottles, but for pumping mamas or mamas that use formula, it might come in handy. 

This time around, I'm gonna add things that I want and things that I need to replace. For example, our humidifier and our white noise machine broke this last few months so we need replacements. The white noise machine proved to be a really good item and I'd definitely put it on our must-have-items. White noise helped our babies sleep and some have a projector with images that keep them entertained and provide a bit of a night light.

I love starting the registry online because I can add things here and there on my down time and anytime I think of something it goes on the registry! Target makes it super easy. 

Must haves for baby number #3 (or #1)

Diapers and wipes are a no brainer, and like I said, Target has the best price for the quality. We use the Target brand Up and Up and we've never had a leak!

Some parents choose not to introduce the pacifier as soon as the baby is born and some nurses recommend not to because of nipple confussion but let me tell you, my oldest loved to nurse for hours for comfort and in the times where I couldn't take the pain any longer the paci was a friend! And it works like magic, I'd put it on him and bam! He was fast asleep. My second boy never took the paci and sleeping took a bit longer but we figured it out.
My favorite pacifiers are these ones:

They're not only adorable but Will loved to play with the stuffed animal. It served as a lovey and paci at the same time.

Swaddling blankets

You'll hear over and over again how swaddling is so effective to out a baby to sleep. Since both my boys broke out of the blanket every night, this time I am trying this ones with a zipper. I've heard great reviews about them!A practical diaper bag
With two little boys and a newborn, this time around I want to get a diaper bag that is also a backpack so I can have my hands free. This would have been a good idea for baby number 1 as well!

A white noise/projector machine

Baby Skin Care
I love a nice baby lotion and a tear free shampoo for my littles. I usually chose Aveeno because it's pediatrician recommended and good for all skin types. The Aveeno® Baby Daily Moisture Regimen Pack is perfect!

Infant's TYLENOL®

Although you should always consult a Doctor before giving your baby any medication, it's good to have Infants TYLENOL® handy in case they break a fever.

One of the things I definitely want or NEED this time is a hand held vacuum to make spot cleaning convenient and on the spot. 
I added this one to my registry.

There are a few more things I'll be adding to the registry and perhaps some are not needs, but I'll make sure to keep you updated!

What are your registry must haves? Do you love to shop at Target as much as I do? 

HUGE GIVEAWAY!! Part 1 and 2

I recently hit 4000 followers on Instagram and I am doing something big to celebrate!!! More than 15 Etsy shop owners are donating shop credit and instead of doing 1 big giveaway I am doing one for each shop plus one where I'll be giving planner and stationary goodies!

I kicked it off Saturday night with Interrobang Designs and today RGPaperDesigns, both giving $25 shop credit to spend at their shops!!

Gooo check them out!


I have been doing PR for Interrobang Designs for a while now! I want to say more than six months!
If you're looking for great quality stickers but that they have a unique design, not using the same clip art a lot of shops do, you'll love Interrobang! They have kits for different sizes, like Erin Condren and mini Happy Planner and full and mini kits.

Here's what I got on my last PR package:

I didn't do an opening video on my channel this time around and I regret it because I could be showing you the kit and sheets in detail. I did do an Instagram story so make sure you follow me there to get first scoop!

I got a full kit of the new release of dark roses. This is the perfect kit to transition into fall! And then I got 4 functional sheets. If you like functional stickers you'll love this shop because they have a great selection, and they're always coming up with more! I got an office tasks icon sheet, a sheet with desks in different colors, a makeup one and a planner one.

Here's a video of my latest plan with me using a kit from this shop! Oh, I almost forgot, you can use Lucia15 to get 15% off when you buy from them! Enjoy!


Maybe because I am soon to be 34 years old (yikes!) or the fact that I am discovering what I think are wrinkles or lines in my face that this summer I took my skin care to a whole new level.

As we know, sun exposure hurts our skin and it's the first cause of aging and wrinkles, but this post is not only about skin care, I'll also talk about beauty and general clothing and accessories I have been using every day. 

For clothing, let me tell you, summer is one of the laziest months for me as far as what I wear and my makeup and hair. It's been so hot where I live that I can't have my hair down for long! Here's a few of my day to day essentials: comfy flowy tanks, thin demin shorts and jeans, sunglasses, flip flops and a pair of sandals for when I need to dress up a bit. 

Makeup and hair

This is not everything I use but a few things. Here's a link to my skin care routine blog post. Sunscreen, my Olay regenerist moisturizer for my nighttime routine, Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation and also the Arbonne liquid foundation have both passed the test for sweaty days! They're super sweat proof. You might need blotching sheets to dry up but the makeup will stay in place. Another thing I incorporated into my makeup bag was waterproof mascara and water proof eyeliner. I received the Maybeline Box from Influenster  and I got a mascara and eyeliner and I am obsessed with them! 


One thing not to forget during these hot months is deodorant!!! I use Dove spray.

and this summer I've been wearing the Versace Yellow Diamond perfume that I got a few Christmas back and that is very fresh and light. I carry it on my purse along with my deodorant, hair ties and the Maybeline Clay Crush lippie. 

What are your summer essentials?