Scentwist brings your favorite designer fragrance to your doorstep for only $14.99 a month! It's super simple: you register and create a profile, you select your favorite scents and add them to your queue, and the Scentwist experts fill up your vial with the scent at the top of your list. You can edit the queue anytime you log in into your account.

Your Scentwist box is carefully packed, shipped for free on the 10th of every month and delivered straight to your door. Each month you receive an 8ml (0.27 fl oz) vial equivalent to 30 days of fragrance. Your box includes a welcome flyer as well as instructions on how to use your Scentwist and change your vials.

When you register with Scentwist the first thing you'll do is choose the color of the twist case. They have nine colors to choose from and every four months they'll send you a new one, so you can switch up the color if you want.

It comes packaged nicely and secure and you just twist the case and get the sprayer out! It's perfect to keep in your purse or on-the-go anywhere you go. I chose copper for my first case and Donna by Valentino for my first scent.

You get 0.27 fl oz of fragrance, enough to last you 30 days and for only $14.99! This way you can get as many authentic designer perfumes for a fraction of the amount that you'd have to pay in a department store!

I am stoked with my Scentwist with Valentino Donna because I've wanted to get this fragrance for a long time and now I have it at the twist of a hand!

Here are the specifics:

-$14.99 a month for a vial of your favorite designer fragrance
-1 new case every four months with 9 colors to choose from
-1 vial of 0.27 oz of fragrance each month enough to last you 30 days
-FREE shipping!
-Choose from over 1000 designer fragrances. No more smelling hundreds of fragrances at department stores!

If you change your mind, you're in control of your subscription. You can skip a month or cancel anytime with no hassle or fees involved! We love it and we know you will too!

*Scentwist sent me a box to review for A Year of Boxes. All opinions are my own.


My birthday was in September and right about that time I was watching an A Yea of Boxes video unboxing when  Sarah opened a box subscription called Bath and Spa Gift Box. I loved the contents and decided to get one box to treat myself for my birthday.

The theme of October's box was Pumpkin and fairy tales and it smelled amazing, I kept a few things inside a box where I keep papers and it all still smells divine.

Use YEAR10 to get 10% 

On this post I'll show you the contents of November's box inspired by The Tree of Life. This is the standard box and let me tell you, you get so much! The final cost with shipping comes to about $38.99 and there is also a Deluxe option where you get more products.

Here's a look at how everything comes packaged. The bow is actually in better shape, I just re did it for the pictures and as you can see, I suck at it.

Let's get into the items we got this month in no particular order:

Green Fig Guest Soap

These are 4 mini soaps in the shape of leaves with a shimmery finish perfect to put in your guest bathroom! Or in your own (and maybe only) bathroom and use yourself, because, why not!

Next we got a Premium soap bar (green fig) and Winter Wonder solid lotion bar. 

One of my favorite components of the box: the bath bombs or bath fizzies! The purple one is bergamot and black tea and the gold one is ginger peach. And of course we got some yummy snack, this time some ginger chocolate cookies that tasted amazing!

Up next, something I really like and that it wasn't included in the previous box, bubble bath! This time it's a delicious misty sandalwood and we got a matching hand and body lotion to go with it! 
Just to clarify, the box doesn't always include the same items. Bath and Spa gift box likes to change it up from month to month for you to experience different items each time. 

We also got a small cinnamon scented candle.

Next we got a spa treatment mask with 2 masks included. I love masks! And we also got a spa treatment headband to protect our hair! (Not pictured).

Here's a look at everything we got, minus the headband because somehow I left it out :(

Greeg fig guest soaps (4)
Bath boms, bergamot and black tea and ginger peach (2)
1 solid lotion bar
1 premium skin care soap bar
Bubble bath bottle
Hand and body lotion
Cinnamon scented candle
Spa treatment mask (2)

I'd say this is an awesome box and I am so happy when I get it each month! Because yes, I kepot the sub and now I'll get to review it for A Year of Boxes!

Here's my video unboxing of this particular box!

Use YEAR10 to get 10% 

*This post is not sponsored, I paid for this box myself and all opinions are my own. 


Gramma in a Box is a fun monthly subscription box that delivers three candy and decorating crafts to make with your little ones.  You will all the edible supplies you need to make up to 20 edible treats in each box.

What You Get: Each month your box will include 8 baked sugar cookies, 3 color frostings, several containers of sprinkles along with the ingredients to make two candy crafts. Each month the box has a theme, such as Halloween or Valentine’s Day. The candy crafts are simple projects such as dipped pretzels, marshmallow pops or candy bark. Detailed instruction sheets are included for each of the 3 projects and include color photographs.

November's box was all about fall and Thanksgiving Holiday. We got three crafts to make, one main cookie project that included 8 baked cookies in the shape of acorns, fall leaves and turkeys! For this craft we got orange, yellow and brown frosting and three different types of sprinkles.

The two other crafts are Turkey Pretzels and Acorn Kisses. They're super fun and easy to follow instructions for you to follow and guide your little ones. This was the first time I got it and I was very impressed by how pretty everything is packed  and organized for easy layout and use.

November Box Contents:

8 baked cookies ready to decorate
3 tubes of assorted frosting colors
2 pieces of wax paper to use as work surface
6 mini Nilla Wafers
6 chocolate chips
6 mini pretzels
12 candy eyes and 18 candy corn
6 candy coated sunflower seeds
Assorted fall jimmies and sprinkles
1 package of melting chocolate

The box includes cards with directions for each craft and notes from Gramma to make the most of it!

The cookies were packed air tight and were delicious! They were moist and sweet, just perfect.

The frosting was perfect, you just had to snip the  end of the tube and they were ready to use. This is one of my favorite parts of the box because as a busy mom of 3 I don't have that much time to make frosting and color it in three different colors.

All the other ingredients were individually packed and labeled making super easy to understand and follow directions.

Overall, this is a great box for parents, grandparents and even aunts and uncles that want to have some memory making time with they little ones. It also works perfectly for pre-teens and teens, because who doesn't like cookies and candy? This box provides everything you need for a stress-free time of crafting candies and sweets and enjoying quality time with your favorite people.

My boys really enjoyed it! We have done the cookies so far and they loved pouring the sprinkles on top. I did most of the frosting but it was fun for me as well!


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RegisteringForBaby #CollectiveBias

Click on the picture to shop the products!

Well here are some exciting news I have for you all!!! We're pregnant with baby number 3! 

As you may know I have 2 boys, William, who's 4 and Wesley, who's 15 months. This pregnancy came a bit as a surprise, because I didn't think I'd get pregnant this soon after Wes. But we're so excited! I am hoping for a girl but early ultrasounds show what could be a boy! So when it comes to creating a registry (I know, I know, I start early for fun) I am adding both genders for now. If you're expecting, don't wait any longer to start your registry at Target! It's so much fun!

Target is an amazing (or the best!) place to start a baby registry because it's super convenient for shoppers. They can easily find a store close to them or buy online, and also, most Target shoppers have the Red card which gives you 5% off your entire purchase and free shipping!

I buy diapers and wipes every time, I get them shipped to my door for free and I save 5% as well! When I researched the most inexpensive place to get diapers and wipes, Target came on top.

So when I have to do a registry I don't hesitate but to do it at Target.

Question is... what to get for baby #3? It would seem that with 2 boys or two kids, or even more, we should have pretty much everything we need for the arrival of a little one. I mean, we learned the hard way what are must haves and which items we really don't need for our babies. We probably got a wipes warmer, did you use it? I have one! I like it but most times I end up changing my boy in different places and don't use the wipes warmer. A bottle warmer, for example, I breastfed and hardly used bottles, but for pumping mamas or mamas that use formula, it might come in handy. 

This time around, I'm gonna add things that I want and things that I need to replace. For example, our humidifier and our white noise machine broke this last few months so we need replacements. The white noise machine proved to be a really good item and I'd definitely put it on our must-have-items. White noise helped our babies sleep and some have a projector with images that keep them entertained and provide a bit of a night light.

I love starting the registry online because I can add things here and there on my down time and anytime I think of something it goes on the registry! Target makes it super easy. 

Must haves for baby number #3 (or #1)

Diapers and wipes are a no brainer, and like I said, Target has the best price for the quality. We use the Target brand Up and Up and we've never had a leak!

Some parents choose not to introduce the pacifier as soon as the baby is born and some nurses recommend not to because of nipple confussion but let me tell you, my oldest loved to nurse for hours for comfort and in the times where I couldn't take the pain any longer the paci was a friend! And it works like magic, I'd put it on him and bam! He was fast asleep. My second boy never took the paci and sleeping took a bit longer but we figured it out.
My favorite pacifiers are these ones:

They're not only adorable but Will loved to play with the stuffed animal. It served as a lovey and paci at the same time.

Swaddling blankets

You'll hear over and over again how swaddling is so effective to out a baby to sleep. Since both my boys broke out of the blanket every night, this time I am trying this ones with a zipper. I've heard great reviews about them!A practical diaper bag
With two little boys and a newborn, this time around I want to get a diaper bag that is also a backpack so I can have my hands free. This would have been a good idea for baby number 1 as well!

A white noise/projector machine

Baby Skin Care
I love a nice baby lotion and a tear free shampoo for my littles. I usually chose Aveeno because it's pediatrician recommended and good for all skin types. The Aveeno® Baby Daily Moisture Regimen Pack is perfect!

Infant's TYLENOL®

Although you should always consult a Doctor before giving your baby any medication, it's good to have Infants TYLENOL® handy in case they break a fever.

One of the things I definitely want or NEED this time is a hand held vacuum to make spot cleaning convenient and on the spot. 
I added this one to my registry.

There are a few more things I'll be adding to the registry and perhaps some are not needs, but I'll make sure to keep you updated!

What are your registry must haves? Do you love to shop at Target as much as I do?