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La foto es un cuadro de mi hermana: Lara Lew

So back to work from what it was- and will always be- a short weekend.

Friday started with good news: we found a friend of my dad's that gave us a great price on body shop work for my friend's car which was scratched by my boyfriend Brandon. Don't ask how.
Planning on coming back and watching a movie, we made a stop by the couch to take a "short" power nap, but that didn't work. We woke up at 4 am ready to sleep more.
Saturday morning... we left to the OC with Brandon behind the wheels. Had coffee at Starbucks with his dad talking about expenses and Brandon's messes up with money, which we expect won't happen again.
We found, ironically, LA fitness in Laguna Nigel where Brandon dropped me off. I worked out like an hour and a half -this NEVER happens- and then I took my time to get ready. The gym smelled so good, like new! I'm still sore from the work out but today -Monday- I'm going again to do the same plus some swimming. Edit: I only did 20 minutes of cardio and 20 of swimming.
Had Pizza with his family and headed to their club's jacuzzi where Brandon saw me with my swim suit for the first time- and he still loves me.
We went back home and while I finished "The time traveler’s wife", Brandon's dad was watching the first episode of "Heroes". I sneaked a little bit, and Brandon and I ended up going to Blockbuster to rent Disc 2 and 3 from the first season. We’re totally hooked with “Heroes” now!
We went to bed and woke up early to go to Mosaic at Beverly Hills.
Lunch at Chili’s just the two of us. Shopping at Costco for B’s fraternity and then another power nap. Dropped of Rebecca’s car for repair and went back home. I cooked fettuccini with pink sauce and prepared ice cream with chocolate fudge ready to watch a fourth video or “Heroes”!
Man, everyone has powers! I want powers as well!!!

Hope your weekend was as fun as mine!

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