Old News

Old news

Lula Oniria Lew, the Argentine girl who’s been living in the States for a year now, is becoming a celebrity by the day. She was spotted by the paparazzis leaving “Birds” on Franklin and Bronson a few months ago with her friend Lola from Venezuela. It seems Lula and Lola haven’t been going out much since both of them are busy with their boyfriends.
Lula is still not used to being photographed, as we can see. Vamos chica!
We haven’t seen Lula out much around Hollywood, though we saw pictures of her in her photolog at the Chivas Events parties organized by Nacional Records, where she works.

According to some of our sources Lula went out yesterday with boyfriend and 3 more American friends to “El solar de Cahuenga” a place owned by Argentines where they serve crepes. Apparently one of the girls there is her friend and new roommate. What happened with the Polish girl that visited sex shops and used wigs? Is she coming back?


Sources just revealed that the Polish girl left to Polland as planned but is coming back in February. We don’t know is she’ll see Lula, due to the fact that they had a big argument because the Polish girl, ironically was very messy and dirty.

We want the video of that fight!

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