Sucky day- rainy day

It rains in LA. A few weeks ago they said it was going to rain for 7 full days and finally it was only one. That’s why I didn’t believe it when they said the same this week: but this is the second day of rain. From my perspective I think the Angelinos feel betrayed. They came here because of the weather and look what happens: it rains.
As you can see my head coming from the tube station, meeting the wind and the water again, I see a Hispanic guy selling umbrellas. Hollywood Blvd is full of people: artists, salesmen, tourists and me, and people like me that live here but are not quite from here. I don’t know. Today is a suicidal day. Rainy days are like this.
I feel defeated one more time. Once and again everything wins over me. I’m always one step from achieving something, one step behind from being 100% qualified. It used to be the fact that I was a student before. Now is the fact that I don’t have a BA, I don’t have a driver’s license, and I don’t have something. I’m always lacking something and I wonder how long this will last. I can’t explain how small I feel. Small and powerless, without strength, without resources. Without anything.

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