A few years ago...

Korina's baby will be born soon. I wonder how she'll name her. It's been so long since I have talked to her...
Korina was one of the incredible souls I've met the during my short stay at the University of Buenos Aires, while I was doing the General Education courses to get into the Literature Major, although she was there to study Anthropology.
I saw Korina in my class of “Introduction to Society and State”, when she gave an opinion that caught the professor's attention. Later on she told me what it was: “the Independence of Argentina is just a fake fact”. Of course, the professor had just said that the “dessert campaign” to Christianize the natives was an euphemism, it had been a genocide really, because they actually killed all the natives. The first mass genocide in our history.
The second time I saw Korina was when she got into our Philosophy class. I observed her profile and I thought she was angry; I didn't know why. Didn't she like that amazing class?
I was so eager to make friends and I took a dumb excuse to go talk to her. Soon enought we sat together at classes, drank mate in between lectures and shared moments and conversations I've never shared with anybody: insanity.

I remember not understanding Korina at once, especially because of the way she choose words. When I told her I had a sexual fantasy with Juan Di Natale she started talking about making come true using magic words that I couldn't get at all. One thing I knew though: I wasn't going to make my sexual fantasies come true with Juan Di Natale.
Although I didn't completely understand her, Korina took me to see things in life a different way, deeper. I don't know everything I had or wanted to know about her, she didn't tell me all and I think I was too selfcentered to listen at that time. My heart misses her today, I wanna see her, enjoy her eyes, her deep eyes, her laugh and smile that relieved me, I want to enjoy her mate with herbs, her colorful clothing.All of her. She's having a baby soon and I want to be close.

Korina comes form a fantasy. Mixed with flower power and strange substances, her parents, young dreamers, conceived her a night out of control. There was a guitar, there were songs and there were colors, from where Korina took her own. Her mom was a ballet dancer that couldn't make it to the Colon, and mad at the given rules she escaped with her forbidden boyfriend, the musician, the bum, the passionate, the one that sold her a better nation with only the two of them but that left before Korina was born. She was raised dancing, and dancing was how her mom escaped from the world entering a different galaxy making Korina become out of this world too.

Pictures by Miss Capricho

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