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Buenos Aires places itself on Earth slowly displacing/moving like a cloud in the sky that doesn’t want to disappear. Drawn in beating/palpitating colors breaths an unforgiving city. Here I am like implanted for some reason; here are we all, walking. The streets of my neighborhood are always bright, especially when the trees are full of leaves. I live a
thousand deja vus, because I walk by the same spots since I was bor
n, and nevertheless the small town of Devoto changes, Devoto remains the same. Used to everything I get up, I go out, I walk around, I come back and that’s how I live.

This afternoon, however, I fell dead, when I didn’t have any more strength. I fell asleep deeply without worrying about waking up. One more year, and the odyssey was coming to an end. Before I closed my eyes completely the past words of my Latin professor came to my mind “you, literature students, can’t think”. The barbarism and aggressively almost put me down, but I kept on going. The face of my Greek professor accompanied me in my dreams. He’d never disrespected his students; as a matter of fact, he valued our opinions despite how wrong they could be, just because we were valiant enough to speak up, in a class where not too many did it. That’s why he had mercy on me, because I arrived late but always arrived
and because my translated sentences were always a disaster but I would always raise my hand to say them at loud. And at the end the uncivilized Latin Professor was good, as everyone had told him she was going to
be. Good but defiant, with that look of lion about to attack and I was staring at her saying, I came up to hear ands there’s no way back. I think my Greek Professor, who was there because he also knows Latin (and German and
much more) understood what was happening and was as benevolent as usual.
I left shaking the dust under my feet as a victorious Roman after the battle, and fell dead on my bed.
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