Short- so as not to be cheesy

There are things that deserve my admiration and one of them is the creativity of some humans beings. I think we all have the ability to create and create incredible things, but not all of us use it or have an opportunity to make our creation known. For those who created these two series, Lost and Heroes, their time has arrived! After watching the two seasons of Heroes in a few weeks and at the seventh episode of the first season of Lost I must say I am full of admiration. Not only do these shows have original ideas that are incredibly developed but their characters are exquisitely embodied. This proves that not because it's television it's garbage. Lost and Heroes could be novels -as much as a "Harry Potter", "The Lord of the Rings" or even "1984" or "Brave New World." I think they are works of art and I reiterate: Both stories are developed within a conflict that goes from moral and philosophical to political and its characters have different personalities, well-defined, that are questioned and change according to the
circumstances they have to face.
I highly recommend them both!

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