Two interrogants

Walking down LA life I find myself on different situations I can't explain, so here are my existencial doubts:

1- Let’s be equal?

If West Hollywood puts Gay pride flags around the streets because they’re obviously proud of being the “gay hood” of LA, then the rest of then should put a straight flag up? Oh no, cos then that would be bad. So I don’t get it, homosexuals and lesbians want to be treated as everyone else and have the same rights but what about the straight people’s rights? Can’t I be proud of being straight?

2- Let’s set the record straight?

If Ali Lohan wants to set the record straight and make sure everyone knows her mom is not a crazy opportunist and that her family is “normal”, does that mean that she deserves a reality show and a whole crew working for her? Does it mean that if I want to set a record straight to society I will deserve my reality show?

Wow! Then hear me out: Argentine’s aren’t melancholic! Is
that it? Can I have my reality show now?

This is Roman Riquelme, they call him the "melancholic soccer player". But we're not! I want my show! I am a 24-year-old-virgin coming BY MYSELF to the US! What's more interesting?

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wei liu said...

what is it? I think it's a wonderfull idea!!!!

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