Biography I

"I wanted to say my life started at eighteen, when the real hard work/world started. It was impossible for me to leave aside my adolescence. How to forget the word melancholy, impossible loves, being in love with life, loving every single guy? That's such an important time for what today is still my core. Then I told myself: my life started when I turned fourteen. No. Not possible. The existence of my childhood, no matter how I remember it, made me too. My parents made me. My life started at the age of ten, when I changed completely, when nature forced me to grow up, because my body demanded so and told me I had to say goodbye to certain things. No.
My life hasn't started yet, my life starts today, or ends
yesterday, and my life was always alive. We're not eternal or infinite. Only God is. We have a beginning. But I know I can't say when it was”.

Conceived a Christmas night, her parents agreed. They still argue over who came up with the name Oniria. Lucía, the middle name, arrived with a song from Joan Manuel Serrat.

Pictures by Miss Capricho


Diego Planisich said...

Me gustó lo que he visto, pero lamento haber entendido solo un 7% de lo que he leído...
Saludos, al parecer al menos vos si podrás entender todo lo que yo diga, Saludos.


Lulet said...

Gracias por las letras q dejaste en el Blog.

Ahora contame lo de Rey Charol!! Con cuál de los Charoles!!!