Leaving mugs around the world

Spanish here

As I realize that not a lot of my jobs were left by me with happiness and even though I tell myself I didn’t leave any transcendental footsteps in the sand, it comes to my mind that maybe I am not right. My new job has no coffee maker, therefore I have to make coffee in the morning and put it in my red Starbucks thermos. I left my white-and-pink-starbucks mug at work. I made a mental memo: don’t forget this one. The pink mug was bought with the green one that my boyfriend is supposed to use when he comes home. I saw, later on, other pink and green mugs and I made a joke to him: “I should have bought those ones, because the pink one said ‘inspire’ and the green one said ‘grow’”. Not too funny for him. I left a mug full of butterflies at the record label I worked for six months. Not that I really used it much. Coffee there, I don’t know why, wasn’t my favorite. I have also left another mug at my last job, but I didn’t really like that one. It wasn’t mine, it was one of my former roommates –the Brazilian girl- who bought when she went to Las Vegas but didn’t take it with her when she left. I used it for my oat meal, because I never drank coffee at that office. And my pink mug hasn’t bee used much this last 4 days either. I failed on coffee making and I threw it away. But she’s waiting for me, for me to make good coffee, for me to wash the thermos properly, for me to remember to bring “the republic of tea” teas I bought. She’s just waiting for me. Maybe she does not want to leave. I wonder who else –there, at the southern point of the globe- is waiting for me, and does not want me to leave.

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