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One more time I come to be sitting at this owned-by-Argentines café, where great food is served. I don’t know why I love this place. Servers are not the nicest ones –although I came to earn a smile or two- but the environment is awesome. Nice tables, big place, and there’s a wall full of pictures of things from Argentina, mainly Caminito St in the barrio of La Boca, tango dancers, and beer. Yes, our beer is very tasty.

I recognize Argentines when I see them: the way the move, the way they walk, the Italian-Spaniard look. They don’t look like the rest of Latinamericans, and I don’t want to prag, but it’s the truth. They might look like someone from Uruguay or Chile, and even white looking Brazilians, but Bolivians, Peruvian and even Ecuadorians look different than us. You can tell, and there is of course, our particular accent.

I had brunch with my friend Rebecca and she left to work now, while I wait for my other friend Fernanda, who’s from Ecuador.

It’s funny; I’ve mentioned to my boyfriend that I needed to catch up with Fer because she’d been calling me lately. He asked me: What did she call you for? Which I replied: Just to know how I am. He gave me a look like he didn’t quite understand. I explained: she’s South American, we call our friends for no reason, we stop by each other’s houses with no notice just to hang out and we get together just to talk and spend time. No big reason. Man, I do love that about at least Argentines: how we can stop by our friend’s houses with no notice and how mostly –if their parents have no issues- we are more than welcome to stay. And I loved when my friends stopped by my house with no notice; it was such a nice surprise!! I used to see Ezequiel’s bike tire by the edge of my door after I checked who rang and I got so happy.

I believe things are different in the United States, especially in LA and especially more now that everyone has cell phones, so no one would drive to someone’s house without checking if they’re home first.

Anyway, I’m back here, and even though I don’t eat anything Argentine-related, I just love it. And I also love to be back in Hollywood, because, as I said in the past, I didn’t want to leave and I did it crying.

Video of the wall

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