And we're back...

Ever since Brandon and I got married, it seems like we're in this transition state, we can't seem but will get out of.
As soon as we got married and came back from the amazing honeymoon in Oahu, Hawaii, we went straight to live with our in-laws for three months, in order to save for the 5 month trip to Argentina.
Those three months weren't easy, not having the possibility of starting a full married life, me studying all day, worrying about money and Brandon working and working in order to come up with money that would cover my school tuition and 5 months or renting an appartment and living in Buenos Aires.
Finally, the time came when we landed in Buenos Aires, oh my, those 5 months were insane!!
Yes, I loved being there and seeing my family and friends but I was about to start taking 6 classes, 5 days a week and studying another 6 classes on the side to take the final exams. Brandon, on the other hand, couldn't find a job so he was a little idle.
Then we come back to the OC to land at my in laws again and find a job (Brandon had a job lined up with this uncle) but I spent a month looking for a job and waiting to move out to our own place.
Waiting has been the biggest trial of this last year. We're approaching the 1 year anniversary of our wedding and even though I am not sure we'll move out by then I am very happy this transition time might be coming to an end. Although, after all these ups and downs I can tell Brandon and I have grown a lot, and became closer together. We're getting into the best times of our marriage.
I'll keep you posted on future adventures!


Fabi said...

Hi there,
I can't open fb in my office anymore due to my proxy's restrictions.
Girl, to many blogs to peep at before I could find your track!
I'm glad this weird year of yours is coming to an end, and I'm sure it will pay off.
Big hug.

Lula said...

Haha should I close one of them? I think I need to write in English more, I don't think too many people read me ion BA. Oh, my mom :) and my sis.