Better things ahead

I think I am in a point in my life where I couldn't be more excited of what's to come. My husband and I will move into a 1 bedroom apartment in Irvine, and I can't help but start planning: I want to go to community college to take either cooking classes, French, Broadcasting or English writing classes. I know, I have to set priorities because it seems like I am all over the place. But that's how I am, I have a broad spectrum of interests, and either of these classes would make me happy to take. I love cooking, I've studied French for three years and would love to speak it fluently, I've done radio shows all my life and I write in Spanish and I want to start writing in English as I live here in the US.

I also start planning dinners with friends, movie nights, game nights, all kinds of things. My life is just starting!

One of the things I was most worried about was the friends issue. Here in Dana Point I started to make some friends. I had Jenna from church, who lives in San Clemente, then I met Luciana at my work who's from Brazil and lives in the same condo as my sista in law. And then I found out that Gaby, also from works lives there. So as hard as it is to make friends in this country I started to worry about moving again and losing all these friendships. This is not like Buenos Aires, where you just walk into someone, start talking and become acquaintances just like that. People in this country take their time to give out their hearts and time and they most likely think you're weird if you just start talking to them at a coffee house, or at the pool.

So, my question to my husband was: what am I going to do alone in Irvine? Well, we might not be living as close to the library as we live now, but I can definitely take classes and meet people there. In addition, we finally started going to a Bible study at my church that is only for married people and I am so excited by the fact that they put us in a small group with young couples with no kids. I can't wait to get to know all of them and start building new Christian friendships.

I can't cling to my old friendships in Argentina any more. There is so much that sets me apart from them: my believes, a whole continent and the time appart. It is sad, but I hope God will guide me to new friends that really matter. This had been my biggest concern throughout my stay in this country and I can only hope it will get resolved soon!

PS- I titled this post as Natalie's blog as I loved the meaning of it.

Oh, and suddenly I'm missing my grandpa, so here is a pic of Brandon and him in Buenos Aires. So random.

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