The codes uncoded

Is it me? Or is it that everyone has to explain themselves after saying something?
It's more likely me.

I find myself saying something to a friend, or a co worker, and the other person looks at me: they don't know what I mean. Therefore, I repeat myself, I rephrase myself.

A lot of times I notice that something I said is being taken the wrong way. So I mumble (is that even a word?) what I meant: "I meant... she said... I said... is not that I..." Eventually, the receptor stops listening to me, they stop caring, they already made up their mind about what I just said and how I meant it. This is so exhausting!

I miss the times when I said something, and it was taken the literal way, unless my tone of voice reflected a sarcastic or silly way. But my receptors always got what I said. There was no need to say it a second time or to paraphrase it.

My husband says that is because I do not know the codes and the tones of the English language.
It might be true, but at the time, I wonder why people are always quick to interpret things the wrong way.

What am I to do?


αиgєℓιςα said...

STOP TALKING!!! Or.... come back :)

Lula said...

excellent point