Star wars

So apparently, I can't be called "American" until I've watched ALL Star Wars episodes. I can't be called "American" anyway (in the US terminology, because in the South American mindset, I'm already American, hum :P ), because I am not a citizen yet. But preparing myself to be one -hopefully next year- and being married to a cute gringo* I find myself in duty of watching all of the Star Wars episodes -yawn- just kidding.

What do you think are other ways of becoming a true "American"?

*gringo is just the short way for Argentineans to say "estadounidense" which is the way we like to call "American" because we're truly bitter they took the name for themselves. Gringo, for an Argentinean is not derogatory, just a shortcut.

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αиgєℓιςα said...

why should you became one? just be who you are, m'hija.
by the way, i like Star Wars.