Friendships that last

I have talked about Lola and Joanna several times, because they were a big part of my early like in the US.

I met Lola at the Argentine Restaurant called Tango's I was working as a second job. At the time it wasn't only because of money, something drew me there: the need for an oasis. When I came to the US I got a job at an office where my four co workers were all from the Phillipines and treated me very poorly. So when the nicest of them told me about Tango's I ran there just to be around Argentines.

The first day someone was making mate, something I hadn't had in months!

Lola became my friend isntantly and even though we didn't have a lot of time spent because she shortly went back to Venezuela, we kept in touch.

When I got married two years later, she flew all the way to Argentina! She now lives in Madrid and reads and comments my novels.

Joanna was my roommate. I chose her to live with me mostly because she was European. Ok, call me whatever you want, but up until that moment I had lived with a witch from the East Coast that was making my life impossible. She was OCD, temperamental, and mean. Thus for the moment, I decided I was done with Americans (except my good friend Rebecca). I needed a warm break and the odds of finding an Argentine girl were small so I went for the search of my roots. Although Joanna is Polish and I don't think I have Polish blood in me (rather Italian, Spanish, Yugoslavian and maybe German), she was everything I wanted in a roomate, a talkative, fun, open person to live with.
She was planning on staying only 2 months, hence my friend Rebecca was gonna fill in after. By the end of Joanna's stay things got a little routy. I wasn't perfect with my cleaning, but Joanna was going through some kind of phase and her cleaning was far worse than mine. When she left, we weren't that close.

A couple of months later I moved to another apartment and she emailed me she needed a place to stay in LA for some days. My roommates and I welcomed her for two weeks and we caught up with our friendship. Needless to say, she was super clean. (The link on her name at the beginning of the post is a little gossip post I wrote right after she arrived saying the papparazzi had seen us together).

Since then (that was 2008) she came to the US again and stayed with me and my husband. I can't wait to see her next month! Now I live closer to LA, have an extra room and I'm three blocks for the beach!

At this moment Joanna lives in Madrid (yep, same as Lola). They've shortly met in Hollywood, through me, and now they might be getting together in Spain. I'm jealous. But I love them to death.

And yes, I do have many American friends. It takes longer to develop a deep friendship but I find them very, very loyal friends.

Lola and Joanna, even though they don't live in the US are the oldest friendships I have since I started my life here. Same as Rebecca, whose wedding is coming up in August!

This is a really funny post about Lola and me, with pictures.


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