On money spending and respect for our husbands

I wasn't very good with money until I met my husband and read Dave Ramsey. Before then I'd blow my salary before the end of the month, wondering were the money was going.

Now I still struggle to give up certain vices like buying lattes instead of making them at home, but I am definitely way better than before.

When it comes to cooking, I have to learn to follow my husband's advice. If it was for me, I'd but the instant mashed potato mix. It saves time, but it costs 5 times as much as buying the actual potatoes.

Out of respect for my husband's hard work (I'm not a stay home wife, but I work only 30 hours a week), i give up those 15 minutes it takes me to peel them 5-6 potatoes and I make this delicious version of the Shepperd's pie (or at least I was told). In Argentina we call this "potato pie"

For a pie that yields 6-8 servings you need:

1 lb of ground beef
3 eggs (hard boiled)
red and green peppers and onions to taste (I use around 3/4 of each, 1 of each) You can also add some green olives!
6-7 big potatoes, boiled to smash.

Chop the onion and the peppers and

saute them in a large skillet until soft. Boil the eggs in another pan. Add the beef to the onions and pepper and cook until brown.

Chop the eggs once they're hard boiled and add to the beef.

Pour evenly in a square pan and pour the mashed potatoes and cover evenly.

The best secret, as everything is already cooked, is to just broil for 15 minutes to make the potatoes toasted and crunchy.

In Argentina, unless you have a very new oven, I haven't seen broilers. I don't want to say that we don't have them at all because then my friends will complain "what country did you live on?"
My mom's got the same oven since I can remember.
Anyways, broil it for 15 minutes and it will toast deliciously!

voila! Try it!!


Talita said...

Hola riquisimo se ve! Faltaron las aceitunas o no leí esa parte de la receta?

Lucia M. said...

Talita: expliqué que yo justo no tenía aceitunas pero que era una opción :P)

Ashley: thanks for the insight!