Some summer fashion on a dime

Hey there! Summer is here, finally! And I know we ALL love to buy new outfits to stroll around the city, or even the beach.

Here I will show you what I got at Nordtrom's rack and Ross. Hey, you don't have to spend a fortune -you shouldn't- just be smart and know where to shop.

I found this seetrough sleevless top at Nordstrom's rack for $13 and I liked it so much I bought the pastel pink and the grey one. I usually wouldn't have picked grey for me but it looks really innocent.

I put on a look like this to go for a nice summer dinner! And you can either put heels on or just flats!

I paid $12 for the taffeta jacket and $10 for the black shorts, all at Ross.

And look at the collar detail, adorable!


Chrissy said...

Cute outfit! Love shopping at Nordstrom Rack!
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Is this your main blog?
Have a wonderful day!
Hugs xxx

αиgєℓιςα said...

ah, mirá qué lindo.... el finde paso por ahí a ver qué hay :P
el lunes, cero grados de sensación térmica :)))))

Heather said...

I would totally wear that outfit! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you have a great weekend!! =)

Lucia M. said...

Chrissy: Yes, this is my main blog, thank you for stopping by! If you're in Southern Orange County we can hit the rack together! :P

Angelica: sorry, I know in Argentina is freezing cold, that's why you should come visit me :) Miss youuu

Heather: Thank you for repaying with a visit, enjoy your 4th!