Mini introduction and mini pizzas

Many of you may not know, but I was born and raised in Argentina, I came to the US only four and a half years ago.

I started this blog as a way to vent my adventures and misadventures of my life here, which was, at times, very challenging. I went through some ups and downs, I'd come with $200 in my pockets and some of my dad's contacts, but after 4 months, I was on my own.

Later on, I met my wonderful husband, who is American, and who loves me. But, he tries to teach me the American ways so I can enjoy and live in understanding with people. I am learning. Being Argentinean, though, brings a lot to the table and I would love to share it with everyone. That's why you'll see Argentinean recipes.

I have learned a lot living here and I have changed. One of the things I appreciate the most was Dave Ramsey's teachings about saving money, and in my walking practicing this I will share it with you if that's ok with you :)

So with that said, I'm sharing with you this recipe which my mom made a lot growing up. Mini pizzas. They're super simple. You just need your favorite loaf of bread, tomato sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings. I can go crazy with tomatoes, blue cheese, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, olives and in Argentina we even chop a boiled egg and put it on top!

Put the slices in the oven for 5 minutes by themselves to toast, and then add the tomato sauce on top. Bake for another 3 minutes.

Then just add the cheese and bake until melted.

Something my mom added on top of the cheese too, was oregano, oh how I miss you mom!

Ok, but, don't get carried away with the broiler because you can over toast them!

haha! Talking of misadventures! See?
I'm not perfect and I am FAR from being a good food blogger, but YOU, I bet you'll do a better job. Anyway, they taste awesome!

What kind of toppings would you put on your mini pizza?


miss_saraa said...

Mmm these look delicious and super simple to do! an awesome way to use some leftovers too! :) two thumbs up!

Christina said...

Those do look good! Keep those recipes coming :)

p.s. I love burnt cheese--weird huh??

gra said...

todavia las hago... riuqisimas y me sacan siempre de apuro cdo no hay mucho en la heladera, igual que la tortilla de papa!!

Anonymous said...

your blog is so cute. and how inspiring that you came to america and are doing so well!

and on my pizza-- all i need is a lot of sauce and a LOT of cheese.

xo, lizzie

Lula said...

Miss-saraa: thank you!

Christina: I love burnt cheese too!

Gra: yum yum!

Lucky: aw Lizzie is my mom's name <3. Thanks for the compliments, I'll go visit your blog now!

Anonymous said...

Yummy, I need to try this.Yumm

Anonymous said...

Es muy bello tu blog, mágico y encantador diría!