Stress less, weigh less

When I was recovering from my surgery my husband called my mother in law to tell her that I really wanted a cookbook to read in bed and that one of my favorites was Gordon Ramsay's.
My mother in law went to Costco (I think) and brought me the best she could find: Barefoot Contessa's book and Holly Mosier's "Stress less, weigh less". No, I didn't get offended, me and my mom in law have been talking about weight loss for a long time, and after I told her she was going to have grand children once I lost 40 lbs she took a vested interest in my weight. LOL!

Anyhow, I started reading this book knowing I was going to benefit from it: I do stress a lot.
The author basically points out that stress management has a close relationship with the way we eat. So she gives very interesting advice and tips using yoga and meditation. I am not a big meditation person when it comes to putting your mind blank, but she says you can focus on anything. I choose to think about God and His character. Or babies.
She gives poses and breathing exercises that help with relaxation (it works!).
Then she writes about working out. Some of the things I already knew but a learn a whole lot too!
And lastly, food. She created a diet that doesn't let you deprived and fills you in. It is really a good plan.

If you find it, I think that you can benefit from it. My main benefit was the stress part, but again, I learned from all the topics.

Hope you like it too! If you've read it, let me know what you think.

Do you have any good tip for stress management?


Janette said...

Oh! My hubaloo stresses out about everything.. And when he has nothing to stress about he stresses out about that too... It never ends.. Poor thing... I'm not too sure if his overeating sometimes stems from that.. But now I'm going to keep an eye.. I know I DEFINITELY overeat (sweets mostly) when I'm stressed...which is rare. And that's awesome that you think about God and babies during "meditation"... Great post and may God bless your weight loss endeavor!

Janette, the Jongleur

Lalu said...

I remember that getting a boyfriend helped me! I lost 14 kilos remember?

Janette said...

Heyyy Lula! Thanks for your comment on my blog! The place I went to was Mt. Baldy in southern California.. You know where that is? It's beauuuutiful! And no I don't use Photoshop.. I mostly use Picasa and Microsoft Digital Image...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! Hanging out with church friends is so nice, isn't it! Especially poolside!

Janette the Jongleur

Carrie said...

When I am stressed I go for a walk or clean my house lol


Miki's scrapbook said...

Hola, Lula! Ya te estoy siguiendo aca. Cuando puedas, me seguis en un proyecto paralelo que estamos por empezar con dos amigas? ;)

Hope you're having a fab day! ;D


Lula said...

Janette: thank you girl, you're awesome!

Lalu: yes, I remember, wow 14 was a lot!

Carrie: that's great, very productive!

Miki: ahí te seguí ;)

Danielle Celeste Couture said...

I collect books on etiquette. I absolutely LOVE them and I love etiquette. It isn't stiff or stuffy, it's about being naturally at ease and gracious to all. I'll share some of my favorite etiquette quotes from my favorite books, too. By the way, your comment on my blog was really common sense and sweet all wrapped up in a beautiful sentiment. love you, D