Hi! I have a lot of posts ideas but they all require a lot of typing and because I should be stuying butt off I feel guilty if I dedicate too much time to blog :(

So I wanted to share with you guys a little bit of fashion

This outfit was used for an outside barbeque around 7 pm close to the beach. So even though we're in summer it required a cardigan and jeans. Jeans were $10 at Forever 21, the cardigan $10 at the Nordstrom's rack, the under tee $5 and the blouse was about $16. I thought it was unique and even though my usual cap is 15 bucks, I bought it at this boutique in the Los Feliz small city of Hollywood. Boots, $20 at a store (doesn't really matter which one, it was a cheap one).

I wanna clarify that the blouse makes me fat (yeah, suuuuuuuuuure Lucia)!

Isn't my hubby adorable??

Another thing, this has been by far my favorite brakfast this summer:
-1 cup of low fat yogurt or kefir
-half a cup of strawberries
-half a cup of raspberries and blueberries
-a handful of almonds
-a handful of granola
-cinnamon to taste

DE-LI-SI-O-US! did I spell it right???


Miki's scrapbook said...

Hi, Lula! I like your outfit! ;) Speaking of the weather here, I can't get over how different it is from what I'm used to! It always gets chilly at night! Crazy!

Hope you have a great weekend! ;D

Oh, and you and your husband look super cute together!


Courtney said...

I LOVE those earrings girl!!!! They're soooo cute on you!

Lula said...

wow Courtney you're so observant! I didn't even mention the earrings!!

Miki: thank youuu

Lauren said...

Don't you hate how an outfit looks and feels awesome, then you take a pic of yourself and you're like WHAT? Just to clarify, however, that blouse is gorgeous and doesn't make you look fat, by any means. But I know what you're talking about. Super cute!

Danielle Celeste Couture said...

You look very cute, Lula. I love the cardigan. Nummy breakfast!

Love from Oregon USA,

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Miki's scrapbook said...

Hi again, Lula! ;) Thanks for dropping by! As for the video, I used Windows Video Maker (+ a simple digital camera to record the videos). The buttons on top are very self-explanatory, you'll have no trouble at all making yours ;).

Have a fab week!


Michele said...

Love the cardigan sweater! You are such a cutie ~ what a beautiful couple! Thanks again for visiting my blog and leaving comments - means a lot to me. I know you are one busy chick!

xoxo michele