It was my birthday!

Last Saturday the 17th and tomorrow, Sat the 24th we're celebrating! Wiiii.

I got a new laptop for my birthday, cos my old one c'est finit and I was using my husband's laptop and it was getting old too... so I am juggling between lapis (that's how I call the laptops) and in this new one I don't have any of the pics I had lined up for posts.

And, in addition, I can't find my camera charger so I couldn't take new ones of my adventures.

The night before my birthday me and my hubby went to Korean BBQ in a place in Garden Grove called Shik Do Rak. YUMster is an understament.

The next morning we went to Javatinis for some lattes and bagels.

And we were going to chill for the rest of my birthday BUT as I am telling my mother-in-law that we went to Korean I think and say (at the same time): WHY DON'T WE GO TO KOREAN BBQ TOGETHER????

And we went to a place down the street from Shik Do Rak called Cham Sut Gol that was SO MUCH BETTER AND HAD ALL YOU CAN EAT ICE CREAM TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I had a great birthday if you're still asking.

Tomorrow, the celebration continues as I have tons of guest who replied yes to my pool and Hawaiian bbq partaaaay! Not to brag on my popularity (j/k).

What are you doing this weekend?


Christina said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I'm glad it was a great one!

Sidonie said...

This weekend... nothing at all! well, maybe I'll keep writing.
How is your writing?

Sidonie said...

(I changed my nickname, but you know it's me. right?)

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you have had such a good time and are still having it. Congratulations on the new laptop :) Hope you find your camera cord, I was lost for a couple of weeks without mine.

Also, who doesn't love all you can eat ice cream? lol. That sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, LULA!!

Love from Oregon USA,

an evening at the symphony

miss_saraa said...

eek I'm late but happy belated beautiful!