Little frames of love!

Post update: Today Labor day I took Valerie's recipe and make this awesome strawberry cream cheese muffins!

Post follows:

Yey, I am finally getting things done around the house, as far as decorating. Yes. Like 3 months later. I finished my dining room! Wohooo

As you can see, the big poster is a Van Gogh (an original, of course, jk) and then I did the four frames as a DIY project.

I had the frames in white with Paris related art in my old bathroom, but this new one didn't really call for that. So I painted the frames red and developed four pictures that showed hearts in different ways, because in the kitchen and in the dining room all there has to be is love. Love for food and love for family. Love for long conversations over dinner, heart openess and sobremesa, like they call it in Argentina (that time after dinner, that, maybe over coffee are used to deep debates about life).

This picture was taken by a former friend in a family birthday party of hers.

This one was once posted on my fotolog

the same with this one (the upper one)

this one was taken by my sister Laura (the lower one) Underneath you'll see the original.

Do you like it? I feel it homey and warm and it makes me want to come home and eat on the table!

Oh, thanks to all the reader and followers. I am growing as a blogger and it wouldn't be without you.With my sister's polaroid (and my mom's or my dad's arm) I give you my heart in gratitude!


mum said...

It´s so beautifull. And red, my favorite colour! I want to see Laura´s picture about the sky...

Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful dining room. I absolutely love the way you decorated it. It really gives a person insight into your loving personality.Sobremesais such a beautiful word. "Over Table" would be the transliteration in English. In English, we say eat "at the table" not "on the table." That would mean you are are sitting cross-legged (or however)on the table with the food. I think I'll imagine Lula eating on the table while all her guests are sitting on their chairs staring at her wondering when she is going to read a book on etiquette.

Love from Oregon,


Danielle Celeste

Anonymous said...

That's great! Have you looked into getting a twitter account?

Love from Oregon,


Danielle Celeste

Miki's scrapbook said...

I really like the red frames! ;) And it's so cool that you have pics taken by your loved ones!

Happy midweek, Lula! :P



Macedonia Recetas said...

I love the one posted in your fotolog's page, it seems I can drink this coffe, in fact I'm smelling the coffe...xxxx

Anonymous said...

hi Lula! why don't you do a mix and match post with some of those pieces in your closet you don't know what to wear with and ask people wht they think. I'm no expert but I'll give you my advice. Others, too. Ciao

Lauren said...

Love it! I just did something similar by repainting frames from around the house. I've lived in my house for a little under 2 years now, so 3 months is an accomplishment! It looks great and the theme behind it makes it that much greater (that's a word, right?)