I dream of your autumn and mine

mine what? my autumn as well

I dream of the songs written by others but sang by me

friends in the band

you, there, don't know, here, with me

And I dream and I stay in bed

I don't care about the morning, I am lazy, I fell like, I feel like you

And I dream and I dance to the rhythm of my melodies

and I dream you (of you)

and I laugh (at myself)

and nothing,

nothing more than autumn


Janette said...

Did you write this Lula!?? It's lovely! I love Autumn! And that watercolor painting is amazing!!

Hope you are well...

Janette, the Jongleur

PS. My boss told me that there was a major shooting in your hometown.. Did you hear about it? So sad...

Lula said...

I wrote it but I didn't do the watercolor, that is 's

Yes, it was only a block away from my house and I was home when it happened, I heard the sirens, the helicopters, everything... it is really really sad :(