Can't find it!

I still can't find my camera charger, and I need to charge it in order to use it!

That's why I asked my super duper friend Morgan to take some pictures of my birthday!

This is my favorite! My husband holding Baby Joshua!

Today wasn't very good, I keep coming back with this fear of my not being able to conceive and I can't get my mind off of it. I want to start trying and find out!

I'm sorry this is not much of a post, but I didn't want you to forget me!


Anonymous said...

Don't let that fear take over your body. Think positively and it'll happen.

Janette said...

Hey Lula!! Que pasa? Did you ever get my last email? Hope so! Hope you have been doing well! And no fears about making babies mujer! You are young and it will happen when the time is right! The Lord knows best!

Hope you're well!

Janette, the Jongleur

PS. Happy Belated Birthday!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Happy belated birthday! ;) This is a cute picture indeed!

Try not to stress yourself out; easier said than done, I know :/ ... I wish you the best of luck! ;)



Courtney said...

I hope your today is better! This picture is darling of your husband with the baby. Hopefully he will be holding your baby in the near future. Lots of love dear,

Bless you,