Good times.

My poor hubby has been sick with pneumonia, but I've had an exciting weekend (last, not this one, this one I just stayed home and studies)

My friend Jenna is having a baby due on Christmas eve, yes, a true true gift. Lacey or Brody... they don't know yet.

My two other friends Morgan and Alice planned at chic and adorable shower for her.
These are all the girls from our church small group:

and this is one of my besties Lacey:

This is the mom to be photographed by Alice's sister Jasmine.
Isn't it all so cute?


Courtney said...

CUTE! I love that last photo idea! And Lula, your hair is seriously GORGEOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

I Love all those photos. You and all your friends are Beautiful.

Love from Oregon USA,

danielle celeste