Today's look

I love Kim Kardashian's look. I know, kill me, but I think she is gorgeous. I love her make up (although it's a bit much) her hair and her curves. I feel we have the same body type and I look at her shape as an inspiration to where I want to be.

Looking at some pictures of how she dresses I got inspired and pulled this look.

The blazer is actually a little shoter than the one in the pic and it was a JC Penney bargain. The jeans, from American Eagle at 20 bucks, I bought them like 4 years ago, they're a little rusty but fit me awesomely.

The combat boots, from walmart, for around $13.

White tee from Nordstrom's rack at $5.95

Scarf, a gift from my mother-in-law as well as the purse (she is awesome)

The ring is actually a different one that i showed in another post, which was Brandon's grandmother.

What do you think? I felt up for a busy day without feeling under dressed or slobby ( is that a word?)

Tell me what you think!


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I think she's really pretty, too. :) Love the look of this outfit! Especially the boots!

Lula said...

thank you! replied by email :)

Anonymous said...

love the turquoise bag!

Janette said...

Turquoise and gray!?? I think I love it!!! It's a good transition from winter to spring.. Know what I mean?

Janette the Jongleur