New kitchen decor

My kitchen is rather small and it doesn't have a pantry per se, I just use one of the cabinets, so when I found this little rack, or whatever it is called, in the street, I grabbed it to use as extra atorage space, but I soon noticed that it didn't really go with my kitchen. Until it hit me: a coffee bar!! yes! You have seen those on Pinterest haven't you?

Here's the before and after:

This is obviously before I clean the kitchen.

You like?

Here are some other things I got for the kitchen, the rugs:And the table ready for my lovely guests:

I had to learn the hard way that no matter how hard you try to make everything perfect, sometimes you have to let it go. Do you notice the white paper napkins? Yep, well, i did have so classy fabric ones but couldn't not find them anywhere! I cried, of course, but got over it. Like I said on my previous post, we need to chillax.

Here are some pics (not so perfect, my eye is not well trained, I guess) of our office room:

Hope you have a good start of your week and thanks for watching!!

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Anonymous said...

What an inventive use of your shelf. I love the red color and your table looks beautiful.