New times ahead!!

Oops, I just added some pictures to my facebook albums, but not to the blog page. Hmm you can add me as a friend as Lucia Belen Fernandez!

Anyways, this week is already coming pretty busy. My husband and I are starting a series of Saturdays where we're inviting one different couple each week to have dinner with us, and that puts a lot of pressure in having my house spotless. I don't know why, with my friends from Argentina that didn't matter, they showed up when they wanted to, always welcomed for some coffee or some mate, the pava was always with hot water. Or they came announced, but we didn't stressed cleaning the whole house, they didn't really care! A house is not always un used, and that is the truth. But I feel a different pressure with my American friends, first, because when I go to their houses, they're always perfect, second, I don't know, maybe cos I feel I will be judged if my house is awful. And it's not that I think my own friends will judge me, but maybe as an effective housewife is expected to have a clean house for guests. I guess that's reasonable.

But point is, there are still some matters to take care of. The first thing we did, was replace the chairs. Because they were actually the reason why I wasn't inviting people, because they were squeaky. So I went to Craig's list and I found these four upholstered chairs for $100 (yes, the four of them!)

Oh, I forgot to say this, quite important. While I was gone in Argentina, my hubby got his dad, his brother and his brother in law to help him put wall shelves in our living room and now it looks like this:

But of course, we still need to mount the tv to the wall to fill in that space as you can see.

But well, progress is being made. I am actually re inventing some space and I will be showing you in the following posts.

For now, let me leave you with the most beautiful baby in the world, that turned 1 last Sunday, and I suffer because I can't hug him!!!

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Anonymous said...

Your house looks really nice, Lula. And your nephew is so cute.