Hooked is an understament

Duuuuudes, it has been SO long since a book awakens a passion in me. Ok, let's see. I've always LOVED reading, since I was little. And my parents fed that passion all the time. But then I decided to study Literature, and that passion turned off. Why, You may ask? Several things: first, teachers lacked a lot of passion (yes, I am using that word a lot, as a writer can't I find another one?) in teaching; second, the books we saw were considered canonical, but were, most of the time, dated, boring, and that plus the lack of fever from the teachers, it was tedious. I'm not saying all of them were, but a lot. Yes, it was fun to read Don Quixote and many many great books, but a lot of the times it was a dread.

Anyway, I thought I wasn't going to touch a book for the rest of my life, and now that I am two finals away from graduating, I decided to buy "The Hunger Games". Yes, yes, say whatever you want, it's the popular book, and so on. BUT I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN. And that for me, means a lot. is not like I am reading the Twilight saga, which I won't read, probably, as I already watched the movies, or the stupid "Something borrowed" series, either. And I can't tell you "this is great literature" because in a way, there is no new way the story is told, is what the story is. However, the author has this way of always leaving you wanting more! If you need a guilty pleasure, but better than The Bachelor or Gossip Girl, get this book!

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Megan Joy said...

Funny I just order all three books two seconds ago. I can't wait to get started.