Just a quick note

Hey all, or the four of you. I am going to be updating and changing the blogs I follow. As I visited most of them but got not a lot of visits in return, I will delete those who I don't get a reciprocate friendship :P

So, if you want me to follow you, follow me and visit me!

PS- Danielle Celeste, Janette, and other ladies who always visit no need to worry.

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Janette said...

PHEW!!! I was going to say nooooooo please don't unfollow me! Haha! I really want to weed out my follow list too.. I have a feeling people follow me cause they know I follow back, and then unfollow me a week later..I just don't know how to keep track of that.. I'm going to have to do some investigating! Hope you are well Lula! How are all your jobs going!???

Janette the Jongleur