10 dollar jeans!

I've lost more than eighteen pounds already!
This has been a great challenge and although I probably could've lost more by now (I don't always refrain from eating, oops), I am very happy on how I'm looking, and because I want to keep losing weight buying jeans was something I had to think through.
I didn't want to spend too much money buying jeans if they were going to be too baggy in a couple of months. Then I remembered: Forever 21 has 10 dollar jeans! How can you beat that?

They aren't super thick or high quality, but I think they serve their purpose.

I bought four a few weeks ago: a black and a blue one for now and two blue ones of a smaller size for later.

I love the black ones and with a blouse and a black cardigan from Nordstrom's rack, jewlery from Forever 21 as well and shoes ($30) I created a great dinner-out outfit!

What do you think?

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