Trying to stay busy while I wait.

I'm applying for lots and lots of jobs, mostly from home as a translator. But after sending hundreds of emails, submitting tests, begin rejected by some, getting some outrageous offers by others or not hearing back from some potentially interested people, I decided to expand and apply to different jobs but, even the one requiring Spanish speaking, they pay crap.

So I wait. But I try to stay focused. I walk down the beach in the morning, ride my bike -which needs a more comfy seat- in the early afternoon and I run around 6 p.m.
I am also trying to write more and I am reading a lot on YA Lit.

Hanging out with friends has been also a great way to keep busy. Like at Alice's birthday:

Or the goodbye party for Isaac and Christina, who left us for Iowa, where Isaac will start as a Doctor for the Air Force!

Or the coffee with Jenna and cute baby Brody:
And we wait, we wait in God. Trying my best to trust in Him every day.

On a future post I will tell you about our (hubby and I) trip to Julian.

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Anonymous said...

Stay positive and write a lot to let everything out.