Life's adventures. Part 1

My feet look deformed.

When my husband's boss offered him a raise if we moved close to him, to Seal Beach, I was a little upset. Not only I loved Irvine, but even if we didn't want to move my husband was going to have a longer commute that he already had.
First, I looked for apartments in Seal Beach, but they seemed too expensive, so I searched for nearby cities, like Garden Grove. I found a listing for one in Seal Beach, 450 sq ft, close to the ocean and another one in Garden Grove, two bedroom, not even close to the ocean. My husband liked the price of the first one, I hated the space, so I was more inclined for the two bedroom.
But then we visited Seal Beach. On a rainy day. But still, I fell in love. There is a four block Main St with stores that are adorable, small boutiques, art galleries, coffee houses and some Irish pubs (really).
God totally blessed us because a few days after we checked really small apartments for the same or more than what we were paying in Irvine, I found this listing on CL for a two bedroom. We though it was a scam, but more than a year later here we are, extremely happy.

I am enjoying Seal Beach soooo much!
I will be sharing bits of my life here, and now that I have more time to cook, that as well.

Sandals: Nordstrom's rack, less than $10, the same with the white tee.
Skirt was a hand me down from my lovely Ana Paula.
The purse was an advanced birthday present from the hubs at $80, exception, but I fell in love with it.
Necklace, I bought it a long time ago in Westwood, CA, probably very cheap too.

Now tell me, what adventures have you been on lately?

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Miki's scrapbook said...

I'm glad to know you love your new home! ;) I'm still learning to love my new space; love my home, but I wish I lived in a big city.

Have a fun week! ;D