Blog discouraged :(

The more I visit other blogs, seeing ones that talk about fashion, or cooking or home making, I get more and more discouraged to post because:
a) I don't have a professional photographer (do they? It sure seems like it!). Or a good camera OR the talent to take good pictures- I might actually have a decent camera.
b) I don't kow design. I used to work on photoshop a lot but last time I got it in my old computer it messed windows up so I decided against it. Should I go back?
c) My template sucks.

These are some of the reasons. The whole point for me to post what I wear is not to show what fabulous sense of style I've got- because I think I am not even close to some of the gals who post theirs, but because I want to help others realize that you can actually dress very smart and inexpensively. That's all.

Why I post recipes is almost the same reason. A lot of the times I get uninspired, and looking up at some blogs helps get some ideas. I am not an expert at cooking.

And the only reason for me to post about home making, is because I just like to share the progress of my little nest. A lot of amazing women I read, actually make their life about Home making and I admire them for it, but I can't even get to an inch of their talent.

I will try to work on the blog a little bit more. Maybe getting some help from my sister, the amazing artist and designer, but for now, this is all there is, I don't have someone other than my hubby occasionally to take pictures, I don't have a tripod to do some of the work and I don't have an adorable banner.

Comparing myself to other bloggers who have an amazing talent and also who put on a good amount of work, makes me want to stop posting.


Miki's scrapbook said...

Oh, Lucia, don't feel bad! And don't compare yourself to others. Maybe what you have to offer through this blog is exactly what will make you big and unique ;).

I don't know anything about photography or Photoshop. Nor am I a great cook, haha, but I still blog about it because I like to share what I do and show people that even with little resources you can come up with something enjoyable. I enjoy taking pics and wish I could take classes one day.

By the way, I use the crappiest and easiest program to add text to my photos ... Paint, bahaha! I guess you can use this program to start with. I know you can't do much, but whatev. If you need to enhance your pics, you can use PicMonkey, that's what I use anyway.

I used to get frustrated when I browsed through "the popular blogs" because I knew I was never going to be able to get there. I still check them but don't feel jealous of their design and production budget anymore. I mean, great for them, but what I'm happy with my little space as it is. If anything, it has led to a lot of amazing friendships that I wouldn't trade for the world!

Oh, and let your sister help you if she's a designer!!! :D She knows you well, so she'll be able to grasp what you want and create something you'll love!

Hope you're having a fun week! ;D

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comment - don't compare yourself to others and don't be depressed! You are your own person on your own journey!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Goes to show you that you are miles ahead of me - I didn't even know how to post my prior comment and now it says annonymous (This is Carrie W from Compass) :)

Amelie P. said...

No te pongas mal! Yo muchas de mis fotos las edito con conocimientos básicos (súper básicos!) de photoshop y cuando todo lo demás falla...powerpoint! JAJAJAJAJA igual mi compañera se encarga más del diseño. Igual yo creo que más que cómo lo presentes, importa lo que digas! Qué más da que tengas una presentación increíble si lo que dice no me llega o no me resulta útil? :) Yo creo que esto que hacés de hablar desde un lugar real a mujeres reales es lo que cuenta, es lo que nosotras tb hacemos en nuestro blog, hablar como le hablarías a una amiga :) y eso me parece que al final es mucho más útil que cualquier efecto o diseño artsy fancy :)

Lula said...

Ladies, I responded to each to your email. You're the sweetest readers I could ask for!

Anonymous said...

I love you so much. You are unique!

Anonymous said...

Lisa Woods wrote: Love you, Lucia! Don't be discouraged. And don't compare yourselves to other bloggers. Just have fun with it and be yourself--cuz that's what people will love:))

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

:( I think your blog is great!!! You should just blog because it makes you yourself and write/photograph whatever you want!! The readers will come if you are truly interested in what you are putting on the blog...and even if they don't, just think, you will have this amazing online "diary" of your life to look back on one day!

One of my favorite quotes says:
"Comparison is the Thief of Joy." Isn't that beautiful! You are amazing...just be You! :D

Janette said...

Ok. So I know that I read this post, and I could've sworn I commented! But I agree 100% with Ashley..Blog because it makes you happy.. It's really YOU people are here to read about and learn about and I think this blog is 100% you.. Which, by default, makes it unique. And if you always compare yourself to others, you'll never feel good about yourself. Just find YOUR style... And I'm in the same boat as you.. Except I always feel like I don't have anything to blog about.. It's all of my boring, every day Like the one day I posted about what I bought at Trader Joes.. lol SOO BORING! But hey.. it's my life.. and I like looking back on that sort of thing! Keep blogging Lula! Don't give up!


~julee~ said...

Great feedback already, but I just wanted to echo what has already been said: Don't compare yourself to others - you are awesome! Blog because you love it and it makes you happy!

xoxo, julee @