Friends, Hanson and stuff

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Last week was pretty active, one of my favorites. On Thursday my friend Lacey visited me with her baby boy Joshua and we went to the beach.
On Friday I had lunch with mommy-to-be Kelly and then drove down to visit newly mom of Madeleine (1 month old) Mary Anne. I love when I get to see lots of people! I am that kind of person I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to be around people.

On Saturday I went to see Hanson. Yes, the three blond brothers Hanson.
This is how it went down:
Andrea posts on Lacey's wall: "I wan in on Hanson :D". Because a, I can't read and b, I can't read, I didn't make anything of it, so I only commented: "Hey, I like Hanson, my favorite song is "A minute without you". A few days later, Lacey commented: "Is this Saturday, do you still want to come?" WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? This was actually a concert-type-of-talk? I completely missed it.
This was the same Thursday Lacey came home. Soooo I harassed her with questions but Andrea had claimed the ticket Lacey got for free first. Turns out Andrea couldn't go so me and my hubby got to go. It was a private concert for Mission Viejo HOA members, it was amazing!This is an actustic part, where they sand "madeline" another fav song.

Back in Argentina when I was 13, not everyone had cable but my grandparents did, and one day I stumbled upon a video with three blond guys (one looked like a girl) singing a catchy song called "Mmmbop". No one at school had heard of them and made fun of me at first but soon enough Hanson made it big. So yeah, I was the first Argentinean fan!

So that was an eventful weekend huh?
Oh and Sunday, Brandon and I went, once again (this is our thrid year!) so the International Fair in Orange, where they name streets after different countries and they have food from each country!

This year Brandon tried the Irish Hot dog

but I went for the classical (?) Orange chicken with Thai Iced tea, of course!


Miki's scrapbook said...

You seem to have had a fun weekend ;). And that baby is a cutie.

Have a great one, Lucia! ;D

Anonymous said...

Que lindo LucĂ­a, disfruta la vida entera!!!

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