Simple looks yet hard to remember to wear.

Lately I have been looking at Pinterest again. I visited this site at the beginning of spring, got ideas and went on a shopping spree with my gift cards.

At the beggining of the summer I had to stop, because I was falling in discontent. You know, if you usually visit Pinterest, there is always something new, something beautiful and such display makes it all too perfect not to be wanted.

We should admit though, that there is something about the way that this website is set up that makes everything look too beautiful. For example, I am surprised at seeing some "looks" featured as something out of the ordinary when they're jeans and a white t-shirt. It is the model, the location of the picture and the fact that it is on pinterest that catches our eye.

Today I wanted to talk about those "simple" and easy looks that are out there being featured, that we might actually be able to pull off our closet, and that are classy, dressy and in style.Who doesn't have a black blazer? I have one since 2007 when I went to JC Penney (I think) to but clothes to get a job in the US.
Who doesn't have those kinds of jeans? Or boots? Or a black tee?

The point is, don't buy anything to look like the models on Pinterest. I want to show you these looks for you to rediscover your wardrobe.
This is another look I can pull off. I had bought a blazer that color at Nordstrom's Rack for work, barely wore it. I bought same kind of shoes at the same place (Steve Madden), and I don't have those pants that are almost like imitation leather, but I have $10.50 jeans from Forever 21 that will rock it. Black tee? I have.

(I dislike this girl, quite a lot) She has the simplest look on, yet featured on Pinterest. I think you can pull this off easily. The white tee can probably be bought anywhere and I'm sure you have ANY color sandal that will actually give that look more POP. Don't worry about the LV purse.
This lady here? I admire nothing but the fact that when she (most likely someone else) puts make up and does her hair she looks absolutely stunning. Same look, colors vary. Looks amazing, doesn't it?

Doesn't cost much and it's probably already in your closet.

This fall and winter I am going to try to dress myself up a little by using the blazers I have. And with grand mom's birthday money I got a blue blazer for $14 at Ross!

What do you think of these looks?


Anonymous said...

Love them!

Miki's scrapbook said...

First off, happy birthday, Lucia! ;D Hope you have an awesome day and are pampered a lot!

As for this post, one of my biggest wardrobe problems is that I only have a few basic pieces of clothing, haha. I love patterned fabrics and color, so 90% of what I own is hard to match. I need to invest on a good black blazer, a decent pair of jeans, black shoes ... and you know, all the basics.

Janette said...

I looove those simple looks, but they never look like that on me! WHY??? Haha! I really love love love blazers too.. Hope you post your simple, Fall looks!