Fall is here, but not quite.

No no. Today I went to the ocean and it was warm, warm! Divine. It's not over yet folks. The mornings though, those are crispy, but after the morning it's still summer - I say and I shake my hand forward. Get the picture?

I have so much to tell and to post! First of all, I am working full time! It was so unexpected! I got a call from an agency in LA that called me regarding my resume as a Spanish proofreader (I send tons, so I never remember who I sent it to). She said the had many clients that needed freelance and short term on site translators and proofreaders so off I went to Los Angeles, dreading the drive.

When I get there she can't stop talking about this full time, term-to-hire position as a copy-editor at Herbalife. She'd mentioned it over the phone but I didn't know I WAS A COPY/EDITOR, until the day of the interview, when she described what a copy/editor does.

She and her boss insisted I went to an interview, told me the salary (FREAKING AMAZING SALARY, BTW) and I went back home feeling uneasy about going back to work full time for someone, so I thought, 1, I can go to the interview, for that money, I probably don't get it, 2, I call her and tell her I talked to my husband and we decided it wasn't' best for me... bla bla. Need I say that it wasn't even that far from my place?

I go to Walmart, and next thing I get is a phone call, a missed one, and a message that sais: Lucia call us, Herbalife wants you to start tomorrow. Yes, like that, with no interview.

I was so excited all of the sudden and so was my husband (he was for the money, obviously).

Long story short: I am loving it! I will tell you more in detail how Herbalife is but so far the co-workers, the job itself, everything is amazing!

Let me share with you one of the outfits I pulled for work:

  • This is a look that I pulled off from searching at the bottom of my closer. This skirt was given to me by my friend Rebecca Ann Hart and the blouse was bought at Marshalls for $20, the little jacket at Ross for $12 and the sandals a gift from Beth Metcalf!
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Miki's scrapbook said...

Congrats on the job!!! :D I'm really glad to know you're happy with the job itself and your new co-workers! ;D Aguante!