One of the things I like about Herbalife is that they have all their shakes available for us to make. I checked the nutrition facts to make sure it was Weight Watchers friendly and it turns out that each shake has only 3 points! I started replacing breakfast and lunch a few days ago like Herbalife advices, and realized that leaves me more points for dinner!
I started peaking at Pinterest a lot more now that I can splurge more points with a yummy dinner -did it work? This week at the WW meeting I weighed in and lost only .04 lbs! It was a shock! I followed the plan to the letter and measured every oz. in my dinners so I am shocked. I decided I will do it 1-2 more weeks and revise.

This is one of the dinners I took from pinterest (recipe):

I switched the parmesan cheese for fat free cream cheese and added a few crumbles of blue cheese.

This is my finished product (I added the remainder of the spinach mix on top like this person suggests):

Do you like it? It's super easy and yummy!

Have a good Sunday!


Anonymous said...

looks yummy!

Miki's scrapbook said...

That does look yummy! :P I could totally have a piece (or two, who am I kidding?) right now :p.

Hope you have a wonderful week! ;D