Pushing harder

I've lost 28 lbs total. But now it seems that even though I follow the plan and work out I am not losing as much weight as before. I'm plateauing. Sometimes, I eat what I shouldn't but even so, before I used to be able to do that and still lose. Now I have to push harder.

I have  few options now that I work. During this last summer -one of the best of my life- I was able to walk down to the beach and then across the shore back and forth; run; etc. But now I have fewer options because I am 9 hours at work more or less. So when I get home, and I cook and this and that, I do body rock but is that enough? Should I wake up earlier to run (tear coming down my cheek)?

We'll see how this week goes, but when we want results and we don't get them, we need to push harder, in the words of Lisa-Marie. Push harder!

What do you need to push harder on this week?

I want to show you one of the looks I rocked this week. I saw a picture of Kim Kardashian on Pinterest and though that I had the elements to make this look. Well, I think I improved it, what do you think? (click photo to see bigger)

Jeans: $10.50, Forever 21; Tee $2, Forever 21; Shoes, $16.99 Madden Girl @ Ross; Scarf bought in Argentina and necklace was a present from Etsy.com. Blazer, $13, Nordstrom's rack.

Have a great week and remember, don't give up, push harder!


~julee~ said...

I love your look with the pop of blue scarf!

Amelie P. said...

Looking awesome!:D