What I've been wearing

96% per cent of this outfits were put together with clothes from Ross, Nordstrom's rack, Marshalls and Forever 21.

Jeans, Forever 21, $10.50. Mustard sleeveless blouse, Nordstrom's rack for less than $15, shoes, Ross for $16 ish and cardi $13 at Nordstrom's rack
Shirt from Ross, less than $11, jeans Forever 21, sandals at Nordstrom's rack for $20 ish, cardi $13 at Nordstrom's rack
Sandals, a present; skirt, hand me down; blouse, Marshall's, $20, belt, can't remember :(
Little jacket, Ross, $12.
Sandals Norsdtrom's Rack $37, blouse Norsdtrom's Rack $12 ish, black skirt, ross $14ish, belt, Norsdtrom's Rack (can't remember price).
cardi $13 at Nordstrom's rack
This black jacket I bought 6 years ago. The scarf was a present, the white shirt was from Norsdtrom's rack for less than $14.

 Scarf, present from my momma, white tee Norstrom's rack for $9 bucks. (I checked to get more from this brand and they're sold at $29 retail price, ouch!). Amazing purse, from a store in Belmont shore $80, present from hubby.
What do you think? Do I put them together nicely? Do you have any advice?


Anonymous said...

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Miki said...

Hermosa, Lucia! ;D Y gracias por haberte tomado el tiempo de pasar por mi blog a saludar! :P

Que tengas una hermosa semana!