Some Fall Outfits

Hello! How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was awesome!

I had a great time with family eating like a crazy person! I made a Pumpkin Cheescake that came out amazing (my sister in law has yet to send me a pic of it, as my phone had died).

Food was delicious! There was turkey, green bean casserole, yams with marshmellows, salad, buns, mashed potatoes, and pies, pies and more pies,. Yum!

I wanted to share with you some of the outfits that I have been wearing lately, see if I inspire you to save some money on clothes but still look good!

Outfit 1: Thanksgiving day.

This is what I wore for TG day/dinner. The jeans are some beautiful Calvin Kleins color turquoise (the lighting doesn't show how bright they are) I feel in love with one time at Nordstrom's rack. They were $35, which is usually way more than what I like to spend on jeans, but they were unique and my ultimate favorite color AND i was with a gift card, so I went for it.

The blouse (you might have seen it before), is also from NR and I paid less than $13. The shoes are Madden Girl from Ross, $17 and the cardi was also from NR and I paid $5.99!! That was a steal.

Outfit 2: Road  Trip Friday

Cardi: NR $7.99 (same as the one for $5.99); blouse, Ebay, $4.99; Shorts, Ross $9.99; tights, Forever 21, $3.99 and combat boots, Walmart, $13.99.

Outfit 3: Saturday in Las Vegas

Yellow cardi: NR, $12.99; White tee, $5; Skirt, Old Navy, $2; tights, Ebay, $3.99, boots, $25; purse, $45.

Outfit 4: Night in Vegas

Dress: Heavenly Couture, $15 and Shoes, Charlotte Russe, $20. And no, none of these stores pays me for advertising. If anyone has any tips about this, they will be welcomed.

I hope you like these ideas, and please, please if you comment, leave a name, I dislike very much annonymous posters.

Have a good week!


Amelie P. said...

I loved the blouse for the TG day/dinner! :)

Courtney said...

You are sooo beautiful!!! And oh my goodness, pumpkin cheesecake sounds amazing right now. Must be pregnant cravings. hehe

Courtney said...

p.s. The first outfit is my absolute favorite. And the last one too. But of course you are gorgeous in all of them!

Miki said...

Hi, Lucia! I'm glad to know you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! ;D David and I spent it on our own, with baked vacio instead of turkey, haha. My in-laws always spend that holiday in Glamis, the desert; we were invited but camping is not really our thing, hehe.

You look really adorable in all the photos! ;) Can you believe I've never been to a NR? I have only bought a few pieces of clothing here in the US. I snapped a couple of awesome deals on Black Friday :p. A raincoat for $18 and a few other basics. US sales are awesome!

And by the way, I dislike anonymous comments, too. I disabled them because I kept getting really weird ones :/.

Hope you're having a great week and are getting ready to have a fun weekend! ;D

PS: I have some books for you; I always forget to tell you, ha! I'll either have them ship or give them to you in person when we see each other eventually ;).


Miki said...


Lucia M. said...

aw :)