Things I've been doing with little money

How are you guys? I know it has been a little long. My life is a little hectic right now, settling down as I get used to the working full time routine. I love my job and I hope they hire me as an employee :)

I have been taking pictures of my outfits everyday and posting them on my facebook (personal, not the blog page). If you want to friend me let me know in the comments, I will send you my contact via email.

Anyway! I was trying to think of the things I've been doing with little money, because lately I got a little addicted to online shopping. Always good deals. Of course. But for example, I discovered (or re-discovered) ebay and the China market (?).

After buying some really good deals on clothes from China I realized this is not really helping the US economy, but I really want to show you all the good deals you can get for no money. Let's be clear, you save now, you invest later. I will post in the future some outfits with really inexpensive pieces (think $6 a blouse, more or less).

One of the things I have been doing on my free time is:

Malcolm in the Middle Marathon

If you already have Netflix, they're streaming ALL the seasons. There are several things I like about Malcolm: it's hilarious but wholesome, no sex, no cursing, no horrible moral values. Yet, believe me, I crack up all the time.

Watch shows online, legally and free

If you do not have cable let me tell you, you don't need it. If you're paying for it, consider the shows you watch and check to see if they show them at no cost. Most of the shows I watch are on Yidio, which is a legal page that links to the tv shows channels, or has their own channel with limited comercials.

Take my chair out at the threshold of my apartment and read a book with a tea or a coffee. 

Whenever I am home and there is sunlight I need to be outside. Especially these days that darkness is so inminent. I spent the whole summer with  a beach chair at the beach, but now that I have less time and  less sunlight I immediately take my chair out at my door, wrap myself in a blanket and read a book or even watch a tv show.I get a lot of books from the library. Check your local library's website, a lot of the times you can hold on to books and they get delivered to your closest branch for .25 cents.

Books I am starting

Everything is Illuminated in Spanish by Jonathan Safran Foer

Extremely loud, incredibly close by same author

Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri 


Speaking of books, I want to show you my dream living room and bedroom:


Am I asking too much?


Coffee with friends

A great inexpensive way to catch up with friends for little money.

Today I got to meet baby Ryder!!! This is the mommy, my best friend Kelly. We went to Paradise Bakery at the mall and spend $5 each.


But you knew that. Now I am getting inspired by drawings of Miss Capricho, an artist that I have featured here. I take one of her pieces and I write a poem inspired on it. It has been pretty successful on facebook and I even get people borrowing them to post on their walls.

I will leave you with one, it's in Spanish though, sorry

 What are you doing lately? Does it take a lot of your money? What can you do to frugalize it and save more? Do you have any suggestions for me?

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Miki said...

Oh ... money :/ ... We haven't been going out at all really. Sometimes we find it hard to even afford gas; David's vehicle is really bad on gas :/. I hope that now that I started working we can improve our situation :). I have no complaints, though, I'm very happy the way we live and I'm grateful for everything that we do have. And we do fun things every now and then :p.

I've never seen Malcom in the Middle, but I'm currently watching Breaking Bad (on Netfilx), starring Malcom's dad :). I got hooked on it; I can barely believe it myself, hehe.