Where are we going?

Today I just want to write about something that has me worried and terrified.

In Nevada there is a 32 year old woman who has the mind of a six year old, who was apparently raped or became pregnant one day that went missing.

A judge is trying to force her to have an abortion, even though her parents don't agree and there are 6 couples willing to adopt her baby. I don't know where this judge is getting the idea he can manipulate this woman's body but needless to say that is illegal, against the Constitution and against human rights. That is something that happened when Hitler was in power.

It is said that he wants to esterilize this woman as well... why? Because she is mentally challenged? Who is he to say who gets to have a baby? Where is the limit? Who decides? Where is this country's freedom going?

I am against pro-choice, but this is far beyong choosing to abort a baby, this is someone else choosing for her! Americans need to stand up and edo something.

Why is this terrifyng me? Because I feel like the nazi movement is coming back and even though it sounds like I'm magnifying this, freedom is something we should be fighting for always.

I hope Obama stands up to defend American's right to choose to have a baby even though she can't take care of it, someone else wants to.

I can't describe the sadness and anger I had all day yesterday. Please be aware of what's going on.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I don´t quite get your point. You say you are against pro-choice, but then you wonder where is this country´s freedom going? Isn´t this a little bit of a paradox?

Anonymous said...

I get what she says. The right to live is the first freedom of all!

Anonymous said...

And what about women rights? What you wrote is YOUR opinion, other people may or may not agree, but that is ok, that is what democracy is about. And everybody should have the right to choose.

Nobody has the right to judge the others. If there is god, HE should be the one in charge of doing that, not us.

Lucia M. said...

Women have the right to choose whether to have sex or not but once there is a life inside of them it's not THEIRS. They have no right to choose whether a baby lives. Yes, it is inside her body but it's a life of its own. I am disgusted when I hear people defending women's rights to justify murder.

Anonymous said...

And I am disgusted when I see great countries like Switzerland and Norway already having this clear since so long ago, while in the States, people like you are still saying it's murder. It is not murder, people. Have some respect.

You can´t own people and people's decisions neither. It´s THEIR lives, not yours.

Lula said...

Exactly my point, it's the baby's life not mine or the woman who's carrying it. And not giving out a name to back your opinion up is very cowardice. Look, let's leave it here, we're not getting anywhere.

You should have some respect and not try to flip values to make me feel guilty for being disrespectful when I am trying to defend innocent babies lives. On top of that, it's babies! Babies we're killing! Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

I´m so glad to know that all the supporters of these dictatorial ideas of yours are vanishing in the air.

You are the worst kind of person: the one ashamed of the origins she has.

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

And please don´t be so ignorant. A fetus is not a baby. What did you do during biology lessons? Bible study? Nail polishing?