I realized that an important part of keeping that motivation going is to get organized. One has to change certain patterns, develop new habits, and all that takes organization.
I started looking at my bookmarks. I had too many. For me, to have so many bookmarks is almost to have to many “pending matters” that need my attention. So I cleaned my bookmarks and kept only those I definitely need to have there. Why does Pinterest exist if not to have all those bookmarks organized?
Then, I realized I needed to wake up early, no matter how warm and cuddly my husband’s body is in bed (sorry, single girls). I calculated that to be able to work out, prepare a healthy breakfast and read my bible, I need to wake up at 5:45. My hubby wakes up at 7 and I need to have his breakfast and lunch ready to go.
I have to tell, I haven’t been happier. I thought I would never be one of those “perfect” women who woke up so early, but it makes me happy! I get to work out, so I put a check mark on that. I got obsessed with this webpage that shows ton of breakfast- you need to be wise about what’s healthy and what’s not. I planned all the breakfast ahead of time, because what was going on is that I got to work with no food, thinking I was going to prepare a protein shake but somehow I ended up eating TWO sliced of chocolate bread from the cafeteria! Ugh! This website features breakfast like any other but the pictures are so well done and colorful from the fruits that it makes you want to eat healthy!
So I have been doing that, and of course, reading the bible 30 minutes a day, which bring a whole new perspective to my day.

Is there any area of your life that needs organizing?


Janette said...

Wow Lula! I'm impressed and inspired! That's amazing that you're getting up early! Puts a whole new perspective on your day huh? That's great! And I can't wait to see your new blog and blog name! Will I have to follow you on a different FB page or will that one work out? Let me know.


Anonymous said...

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Jane said...

Getting organized is great! Way to go!

But I find it rather weird that you have to wake up that early to have breakfast and lunch ready for your hubby. Cant´t he do that for you once in a while? I understand that you are a full time worker too.

Lucia M. said...

Yup but he works more than 8 hours, sometimes 9-12 and my job is way slow and more relaxing so I don't mind doing it, because it takes only 10 minutes and it's one thing I can take off his back :) His job is really stressful!

Lucia M. said...

Oh, and I wake up early to work out, read my Bible and have a healthy breakfast for me, if it was only making my hubby's I would wake up at 7 :)