New Year speech: bla bla bla

Happy New Year everyone!!

It’s been 3 days and I still want to write 12 on the month date and 12 on the year… we will get used to it like every other year, right?

I remember when I was 13 years old that my mom gave me this explanation about the 2000 years and how people believed that the year 2000 was the end of the world, or Jesus’ second coming. My mom is a fan of the apocalipsis, not because she believes she will “stay” but because she is fascinated by it and she does hope Jesus comes back soon :P *

But at 13, I wasn’t thrilled, I wanted to live more than 17 years of age! I wanted to get married, publish a book, plant a tree (for those who remember than commercial, probably only Argentines), have kids! (I wanted 12 at the time). I started a phase of depression due to this. I wrote on my journal like four pages of a sad rant about how unfair it was to only live until 17!

And look at me now, I am 29, married, didn’t publish a book, didn’t plant a tree and been trying to get pregnant for 9 months unsuccessfully. The reason why I share this is because even though God has been generous with all the blessings he gave me, at 13 or at 17 in a way, I was better off (except for the hubby part). I didn’t have to worry about paying rent, about medical bills, about failure to publish a book, about failure to conceive. I was going to have 12 kids, 4 of my own, 8 adopted, and I didn’t even think about the fact that adopting in the US (granted I was in Argentina at the time) is so expensive, and having kids alone is expensive. Do you know what I mean? I wasn’t even exposed to that kind of suffering.

I do believe I will be a mom, no matter what; this post is not about that. I outlived that crazy explanation for 13 years, and they have been full of excitement. Six years ago this past 12-26 I moved to the US and my life changed completely. I am a different person. After I told this to my friend Marina, she said we’re all different people from 23 to 29. I guess that’s true.

I finished a novel in Spanish and I am starting one in English about the experience of leaving your country for another.

Whew, re reading the post I realized it might be a little depressing. I didn’t mean it that way, but I have to write what I feel because this is –sort of- my journal. And according to this, successful people write on a journal. Hahah!

I also wanted to share with you the copy cat versions I have been doing on famous people’s wardrobe. Here’s one: Kim Kardashian.

When I saw this look I realized I had all the elements. I put it together, but something was missing, some color. So I added the scarf (bought in BA). The blazer is from Nordtrom’s Rack, ($12.99), jeans from Forever 21 ($10.50). These jeans are amazing, but they don’t fit everyone. For me, they’re made to perfection, perfect fit, perfect length. White tee, Nordstrom’s rack ($10- I wish I could get more like there! I went on the maker’s page and they go for $29!). Shoes, Madden girl from Ross ($16.99).

Do you have any New Year’s resolution? I read this status on my facebook from a friend and I thought it was spot on:
"If you are constantly working toward making yourself and your life what you truly desire it to be there is no need for New Years Resolutions. You'll spend your time and energy on what's most important to you at any given time. The trick is to find out what you are working toward achieving in the long run and every decision you make will be ultimately made for you. Now go do you."

 What do you think? 

*My mom said that from the creation of the world to Moises was 2000 years, from then to Jesus, 2000 years and from Jesus to 2000, 2000 doh. She could be wrong, she wasn't saying it was absolute truth though, it was just talk. 


María José y Josefina said...

I never do New Years Resolutions. I really suck for those things! I'm more on the impulsive side so I jump to a decision out of the blue and although I do manage to achieve it, it comes as I said, out of nowhere...for example, in November out of nowhere I decided that I was sick of waiting and dreaming about going to Paris so I'm determinated to go in 2014...I may be impulsive, but I'm not naive, I KNOW I have to save money ;)

I remember I first heard of the 2012 End of the World theory when I was about 10 at school and I was also upset because I wanted to graduate, get married, have kids and grandkids and visit a lot of places around the world...but luckly we're still here! And we DO have time -how we use it is another story,of course- and we don't have a ticking pressure, and if you work to fullfil your dreams without giving in to pression, you will live your dreams, or that's what I think at least :)

Lula said...

Oh I love your determination! You are completely right! Planning to go to Paris is not as "out of the blue as you say" it's more being determined to make your dreams come true! I did the same thing with my novel. On September I said I was going to finish it by December 31st and I did!