This is another one of those looks I put together after looking at Pinterest and realizing I have all the components, but never thought of putting them together.

Here's Lauren Conrad- I love her. I think she's beautiful, stylish and a good person (?).

Obviously she has tons of help in everything she does, not even sure she built her brand but she's doing awesome.

What do you think? Lightning is not perfect on my side but the color of the boot is the same. When I finished I couldn't go out with only black. Lauren is blond so that is a contrast (plus she added that cute head band), but as I am brunette I felt it was all too dark so I added a pop of color with this scarf I bought off of ebay for $6 bucks.
Scarf from Ebay: $5.99 here, still in stock!
Tee: Forever 21, $10 (pocket on the front side, still in stock)
Leggins: Forever 21 $6 (similar)
Boots: store, $20 (similar, Charlotte Russe)


Lalu said...

That's great!

About the head band, it reminds me of parody made by MadTv of The Hills. Remind me to show it to you if I didn't already (probably did).

Lucia M. said...

yeah the one where they make fun of Whitney's expression?

triskelos said...

Love the scarf!)

Lula said...

thank you!