Some belated Christmas pictures and outfits

I know, super late. And yes, I love to pose for the camera. Christmas 2012 was very special, as it included an amazing dinner hosted by our friends Trey and Anna Bobo along our other friends from church.

 Do you like my messy kitchen? And my Van Gogh?

 Dress: Heavenly couture, $15
Blazer, Ebay: $25
Shoes: Charlotte Russe, $25 with promo, check new promo

Black Pants: Ross, $5 (awersome deal, right??)
Heart shirt: Ebay, $12.99

As you may notice I am providing all the info one click away for you to make a smart purchase! Just make sure you talk about it with your husband first or consider your budget if you're single!


Miki said...

Nice blog revamp, Lucia! ;) I just went shopping today, love the sales in this country! Got a pair of hot pink jeans for 5 bucks and a few other bargains :p.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ;D

Lula said...

where did you buy those pants? I saw the pics, great deal and they look lovely! I bought black skinny denim ones for 5.99 at Ross :)

Miki said...

Hi there, again! Hehe. I bought the pink jeans over at H&M. Hurry and I'm sure you'll find them! There were a few pairs in random sizes at the store I went to on Friday.