Something old and something blue

One of the pleasures of losing weight is being able to wear your old clothes that always loved. I didn't bring a lot of my clothes from Argentina, especially not winter clothes, as 1, my dad told me I wouldn't need it (a lot of people in Southern Cal would disagree today) and 2, it takes space in the suitcase so I can still hear my dad saying: "You're gonna go to Ross and you'll buy everything there". Wise man, my dad.

One of the items I did bring was this pair of plaid pants. These pants were with me in a very special moment in my life. Back in the winter of 2006 when I lost a friend and my ex cheated on me, I was wearing these pants a lot. One time I went to church wearing them and this guy ask me to marry him. And another time I went to school after  just breaking up with my ex and my classmate told me I looked amazing. It's a good luck charm pair of pants. So you can imagine why I like to wear them.

Off white turtle neck bought at Ross probably for $10 or less.Similar here and here. Brown boots from Argentina. 

Similar pants but more expensive ($89) here, $33 at Kohl's, and another option $45, here 

Blue tee: Nordstrom's rack $10, Blue Shoes, Charlotte Russe, $20 with promos (other colors too), Blue Blazer, Ross, $13.
similar in other colors too here

 Happy face!

 If you can tell, they're actually big on me!
 This is the blue tee I had, with sexy shoulders :P Above is the exact  same one but more expensive clicking here another one on Ebay, here
Nude pumps, Madden Girl at Ross $16.99 similar here (Madden girl) and here (not Madden girl but at $19)

Do you have one or more pieces of clothing that tell a story? Or that have sentimental value for some reason? Share!


Miki said...

The revenge of the old pants! ;) Hooray to losing weight! I've been dieting and exercising since probably last June/July and have managed to lose quite a lot of weight; I still don't like the way I look, though, and want to lose some more. It feels great to fit in my old clothes again; it's so rewarding!

I didn't bring a lot of clothes myself either, ha! I forgot to bring my very favorite pair of jeans and ALL of my favorite CDs and some shoes (silly me!). I was so scared to forget them that had put them aside not to forget them and of course, I ended up not packing them, boo! I'm still happy with what I did bring (only 2 suitcases).

Anyway, too long of a comment! :/ Congrats on your weight loss! ;D

Hope your week's off to a great start!

triskelos said...

I really like this cobalt top, I'm learning how to sew, so I think it'll be my next project))

P.S. - the other language in my posts is Ukrainian)

Talita said...

Me encantó el post. Una genia!