2 ways of wearing one dress and way more...

Yesterday I told my boss I was pregnant and today I feel totally free to flaunt my little belly to everyone that wants to see. I wore this dress that has little hearts on it, and it's on a light green shade. It's not the usual color I would pick and that's why I liked it. I got it at Ross for $15. Paired with black nylons, black flats and a black cardi. 

Previously I had wore this style because I still can't say good-bye to winter and stop wearing these boots. However, there are still some pretty chilly days around here. Same dress paired with the boots and a green cardi I got at Ross. Green earrings too. 

Big announcement: on the day of our 4 year anniversary, my hubby and I found out that: 

My hubby gave me these beautfil flowers and card and we went to dinner at a Pho spot we love. 

I was so happy to celebrate 4 years and the fact we're having a little boy!

 Baby M! We love you!

Isn't my hubby a cutie?

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~julee~ said...

Cute dress, cute baby bump, cute mama!